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“Chiba” of mild climate, blessed with rich nature.

Chiba Prefecture, surrounded on three sides by the sea, has an oceanic mild climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. Especially the Minamiboso coast has rarely frost even in winter due to the warm current (Black Current) running in the offing. It, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, is blessed with wide, green-full, rich nature and a superior location adjacent to the metropolitan Tokyo, and thanks to the improved expressways, you can have easy access to various places within the prefecture.




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The bay area has many large-scale facilities such as Tokyo Disney Resort and Makuhari Messe, and you can enjoy experiences full of event and amusement features throughout the year. The Tokatsu area has museums and reference libraries centering on local history and climate, and improved city parks, and you can enjoy a day trip and recreation taking advantage of water resources including rivers and lakes and tourist agriculture at all seasons.