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Otaiya Festival (Narita City)


September, 1 (Saturday) - 2 (Sunday), 2012
Sogo Reido (mausoleum)The anniversary of Sakura Sogo’s death falls on September 3. Festival cars are drawn through, and Japanese art of archery and folklore show are performed.



Access: 15 min. walk from Keisei Sogo Sando Stn; 10 min by bus bound for "Jinbei-watashi" from JR/Keisei Narita Stn.

Sogo Reido Sanctuary

The official name is Meishozan Toshoji Temple.

This temple was built in the memory of those killed in battle, when Sakanoueno Tamuramaro suppressed a civil war in the Tohoku area during the era of Emperor Kammu (781-806).

In addition to the main hall, the tombs of Sogo and his son, a sacred treasure hall where personal effects of Sogo are displayed, and Sogo Ichidaiki-kan (Sogo biography hall) where the detailed scenes of Sogo making a direct appeal are reproduced by 66 dolls and 13 scenes are on the premises.

Ohara Naked Festival (Isumi City/former Ohara-cho)


September, 22 (Saturday) - 23 (Sunday), 2012

More than ten portable shrines are carried into the sea all at once, and they shove and push above the angry waves, which is called “Shio-fumi.” It is a heroic and dynamic festival, praying for bumper crops and good catch of fish.



Access: Ohara Stn. on JR Sotobo Line.  About 70 minutes from Tokyo Station

Sawara Big Festival (Katori City)


October, 12 (Friday) - 14 (Sunday), 2012
This is a festival of Suwa Shrine in Niijuku highlighted by Japan’s best festival car sculptured gorgeously and a big doll, as well as “Sawara-bayashi,” one of the best three musical accompaniments in Japan.



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